Project STEMS originates from the necessity of adoption to continuous changes in the world of globalizing education, multiculturalism / multilingualism, and increasing immigration rates.

We aim to:

  • promote a more inclusive education system and lead to a decrease in the achievement gap between pupils with and without a migrant background.
  • create innovative integration process with the help of mentoring (Special Language Support) and parent involvement.
  • foster the family/community involvement method for integration of immigrant students.
  • define ‘Quality Standards for Parental Involvement in Schools’ both international based and adaptable to country dynamics.
  • develop teachers’ skills in the field of multilingualism/multiculturalism, diversity management, intercultural pedagogy.
  • create an online toolkit, a sharing, interactive environment for teachers.
  • develop teaching methodologies to promote integration at school and to improve learning abilities for newly foreign students or drop out students.

create school environments reducing prejudices and stereotypes so that they will be open to multiculturality.

Project Partners

Partner N°
1 BURSA MEM – Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education
2 GRIAL – Salamanca University
3 Giessen – Vogelsbergkreis
4 Szczecinska Szkola Wyzsza Collegium Balticum
5 IES Ruiz de Alda
6 Mihraplı Abdülkadir Can Anadolu İmam Hatip Ortaokulu
7 I.I.S.S. F. Ferrara Palermo