2nd Transnational Meeting, Szczecin, Poland

The second management meeting of the STEMS project, which aims to find solutions to the academic problems of immigrant students and their teachers, took place on 24-25 July 2017 at the campus of Collegium Balticum University (Szczecin, Poland) under the coordination of Bursa Provincial National Education Directorate.

Salamanca University and IES Ruiz De Alda Middle School from Spain, Giessen Regional Education Directorate from Germany, Collegium Balticum University from Poland, Torre dei Giovani, a non profit oriented organization from Italy, Bursa Provincial National Education Directorate and Bursa Mihrapli Abdulkadir Can Anatolian Imam Hatip High School teams came together for a second time to proceed on the project.

After each team making detailed presentations on the first step of the project, Intellectual Output 1 – Needs Analysis, the ways to follow about Intellectual Output 2 – Teacher Training were discussed and final concurrence was reached.

Teacher training will be held at Salamanca University, Spain, on 13-17 November 2017.