Teacher Training 1 – Salamanca/SPAIN

STEMS_The Team

One of the main objectives of the STEMS Project was to develop teachers’ profession by supporting them in dealing with diversified groups of learners such as refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, and also a distinctive feature of STEMS is supporting both students with migrant background and teachers of migrant students.

After Salamanca University performing the Situation / Need Analysis (O1), they prepared a Teacher Training taking into account report to some extent. Teachers from partner schools, the project team of Bursa MEM (they’re also teachers) took this training.

By attending this training, participants had the opportunity to;
* experience activities that motivate migrant students to fully participate in class, increasing class cohesion and
reducing early school leaving,
* acquire new tools to observe, approach and engage multicultural classes, feeling more self-confident and prepared
when facing interculturality,
* take part in practical workshops with other teachers from different countries to share opinions, practices,
methodologies and tools
* develop teaching methodologies to promote integration at school and to improve learning abilities for newly foreign
students or drop out students.

This training will underlie the Output 2 – Teacher Guidebook / Online Tool

Teacher Training 2 – Giessen/GERMANY

The last teacher training program of our project was held on between 26-31 August 2018 in Giessen, Germany. Volunteer activities for immigrant students were carried out in the program, which was held mainly at the WSO,
a vocational school where immigrant students receive an education.
Examples of volunteer mentoring in Giessen were examined. In addition, Online Tool development activities and project dissemination activities were discussed.