Dissemination Activities

Since the beginning of the project, the activities and results of the project have been intensively explained. For this purpose, we organized meetings and prepared pieces of information related with the STEMS project as long as the
content is compatible with the content we organize as the R & D Unit Projects Team of Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education.
Salamanca University presented its findings in the Status and Needs Analysis, the first idea of our project, at an international conference and these findings were published as an academic paper which was also signed
by the Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education. In the same way, Salamanca University described the intellectual output of the project to 100 teachers who received a Master’s Degree in Information and Communication
Technologies. IES Ruiz de Alda Secondary School has given detailed information about the project and its intellectual outputs to 54 teachers who teach immigrant students. In total, we have been able to reach 248 people face to face with the help of Multiplier Events. Apart from that, all responsible partners performed the Multiplier Activities. Our project has actively informed everyone about its activities through its website and Facebook. Twitter is also one of the channels we use again.

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Inclusion of the students in schools with an intercultural profile