Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education

Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education, coordinator of the project, headed by the Ministry of National Education, is a legal authority which is responsible for the educational issues in the region. All educational activities of 26.000 teachers and 493.000 students in 1290 educational institutions are within our institution’s scope of work.

Providing school buildings, classrooms, learning materials, staff and technological equipment is one of our organisation’s fundamental responsibilities to make everybody benefits from educational and learning activities. Our organisation, by developing local, national and international projects, with the other institutions’ collaboration if necessary, constantly aims to advance the quality of education in the region. In addition to educational and learning activities, our organization arranges cultural activities such as celebrations, concerts, seminars, theatre etc. to include individuals to social life.

Though special priority is given to schools, our directorate takes an active part in forming education policy while implementing projects for different people involved in education including teachers, adults and adult trainers as well as education providers in general. In addition, with seminars, conferences and in-service training courses, it has gained experience in creating training programme materials in the field of management, self-evaluation, ICT, Total Quality Management, Leadership and Democracy Education. In addition to a Head Director, there are 10 co-directors and a staff of 260 who work in this institution.