Giessen – Vogelsbergkreis

Supervision, advice and support of schools

As the lower school inspectorate, the State Education Office ensures pedagogically and legally appropriate decisions in school and student affairs. It advises and accompanies the schools in the performance of their tasks, in particular in the continuous development and assurance of the quality of school work. The State Education Office is also the point of contact for specific questions from schools, for example in the areas of personnel or budget.

Other key tasks include educational psychology and educational support. The independence of the schools is considered and promoted.

Cooperation with the school authorities and regional partners

While the State Education Office is responsible for the internal school affairs as well as the quality development of the lessons, the external school matters such as building, equipment and student transportation are the responsibility of the school authorities. The close cooperation with the school authorities and other institutions in the region, such as study seminars and universities, is just as essential for fulfilling the tasks of the State Education Office as trusting cooperation with the schools.

Contact persons for parents, pupils and pupils

The State Education Office in Gießen is also available to parents and pupils for inquiries. For specific school matters or problems, it is advisable to first clarify these with the contact persons and contact persons in the local school – the teachers, the school management or the parents’ representatives. For further concerns, the employees of the State Education Office are happy to advise and assist.

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