IES Ruiz de Alda

IES Ruiz de Alda is a public body founded in 1978. It hosts over 1000 students and 80 teachers, in morning and evening studies. The school offers Secondary and Tertiary Education, with 23 groups, and a wide range of programmes: bilingual section (since 2009), groups with special needs programmes, curricular diversification groups. The Baccalaureate has four different options: Arts (with regional field of influence), Scientific and technological and Humanities and social sciencies. In addition to these multitasking nowadays is such a fundamental element as writing or counting three options, the school includes a Baccalaureate with a research and methodological approach to Scientific or Social and humanities studies.
Our school is located in the coastal area. One third of the students are immigrants from Morocco and Latin America, most of whom completed their primary education in Spain. Nevertheless, they show low achievement in basic skills and drop out early of school. Action has been undertaken to extend specific programmes, like the bilingual section, to a larger number and broader range of students in a medium term.